The Communication
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Brand Development

The Communication Studio aims to draw an interesting network of creatives, media outlets and experts in order to define a communication strategy tailored to each client. We curate our brands and projects, focusing on the quality of the product or service, but also on their aesthetic universe. All our clients have a shared pursuit of creativity, technical innovation and skilled craftsmanship.

Our services include 360 communication, collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships, event production and graphic design, assured by a permanent collaboration with s74100 studio.

The Founder
With over twelve years of work experience in Communication and Media, Carlota Morais Pires has worked as a journalist for Vogue and learned from different experiences in high fashion brands. With a strong editorial and writing background, focused in Fashion, design and lifestyle, she started to develop communication strategy for brands and projects in 2018.

In 2021 she founded The Communication Studio, a press office and creative agency based in Lisbon and aligned with the world’s fast pace, working with emerging designers and established premium brands.


For enquires or more information please get in touch with us through our email or instagram.

Rua das Mercês, 71 A
1300-003 Lisboa